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What's Happening this Week


Check out our weekly newsletter!>  Annie from Leap Frog Farms has the season's first green garlic, yes! Plus this week there's lots of strawberries, asparagus, iris, tulips, carrots, and greens galore. See you there! 


Always at the Market

  • Face Painting - 9:00-2:00
  • Kid's Music or Stories - 9:30-10:30
  • Cereal Bar (complimentary) 10:30
  • Children's Crafts - 10:30-1:30
  • Pony Rides & Petting Zoo - 10:30-2:00
  • Live Music - 12:00-2:00
  • Knife Sharpening - 9:00-2:00

Farmers & Purveyors


Bloomfield Organics

Bloomfield Organics is operated by Michael Collins, his wife Karen, and their children. They raise vegetables and greens on their land 15 miles west of Petaluma. Their farm is located near and named after the town of Bloomfield, one of the oldest settlements in Sonoma County. Bloomfield grows a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, including strawberries, lettuces, radishes, artichokes, kale, purple mizuna, chard, genovese basil, Italian parsley, chives, fava beans, dry farmed potatoes and tomatoes.

Capay Organic

After more than 30 years of organic farming, Capay Organic grows more that 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 500 acres of certified organic land. The farm is now owned and operated by the second-generation farmers – Kathy and Martin’s sons – Noah, Thaddeus and Freeman. In keeping with their parents’ vision, the farm practices healthy crop rotation, encourages a diverse ecosystem around our fields, efficiently uses local water sources, and carefully selects produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

County Line Harvest Farm

David Retsky started County Line Harvest on a six-acre plot on the Sonoma-Marin County line before moving over the hill in 2007 to Red Hill Ranch in Marin County. Shortly after he settled in on the new property, Marin Agriculture Land Trust acquired the easement on Red Hill Ranch, preserving it forever as farmland. Not only did this new property provide more acreage for cultivation, but the abundance of renewable on-site water and the MALT easement helped ensure the continuation of County Line's goal to provide fresh produce to its surrounding communities. Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for organically grown produce, and alongside a growing customer base, it seemed the perfect time to expand. Following the models of other successful farms, County Line Harvest found a property in the Coachella Valley, about 2 ½ hours east of Los Angeles. With the first harvest in October 2010, County Line South now provides year-round availability of the sweet lettuces and tender salad greens that have become its trademark, as well as many other crops that have only lengthened the varied list of what it grows.

Crane Creek Growers

Crane Creek Growers is a converted chicken farm turned flower farm located in Penngrove, nestled at the base of Sonoma Mountain on 10 acres. Diana and Tom founded their flower farm in 2008. Tom has been farming flowers for 40 years and Diana has been managing farmers’ markets for the past 15 years. It is a dream realized for them to be living and farming in beautiful Sonoma County. Crane Creek Growers is known for their Gerbera daisies, Asiatic lilies, irises, peonies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and mixed bouquets.

De Santis Farms

Specializing in heirloom citrus, persimmons, pomegranates, grapes, quince, nuts, and dried fruits, De Santis Farms boasts an inspiring and unique range of seasonal specialties, including many citrus varieties, such as Seville oranges, sweet limes, cara cara navel oranges, pomelos, Satsuma mandarins, Buddha’s hand, and bergamot lemons. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts also round out their product offerings.

De Santis Farms is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Matteo and Rose, who have been bringing their farmed goods directly to consumers for years.

Farmer Joy's Eggs

Farmer Joy raises her flock of ducks and hens on her family’s multi generational farm, located just outside of Petaluma. Her 200 hens and 20 ducks graze pasture during the day, and enjoy organic produce from a local vegetable farm as a supplement to their diet. Farmer Joy prides herself on having a genetically diverse flock of hens, with over 13 breeds. This variety of breeds allows for a wide range of shell colors. When you buy a dozen eggs, expect shell colors ranging from light brown to very dark brown, green, and blue, and many have speckles.

Hidden Star Orchards

This 80-acre certified organic farm located in the Sierra Nevada foothills has three generations working the farm, with the grandchildren helping to sort apples in the summer. The farm is cultivated with a variety of fruits, which include apples, cherries, blueberries, pomegranates, and grapes. As an integral part of the apple growing business, Hidden Star Orchards has developed a specialty niche in freshly pressed cider. Each week a team of four workers gathers up a blend of apples and other fruits (apple cherry, apple lemon, and apple pomegranate) and prepares them for juicing. They also make 100% pure pomegranate juice and cherry juice. After being pressed, the juices are flash frozen to preserve the integrity of their flavor and to extend their shelf life once it is in your refrigerator. Juices are sold in 8 ounce, 16 ounce, 24 ounce, and 32 ounce servings.

La Chiquita Farm

La Chiquita Farm is a small 4-acre berry farm that is certified organic by CCOF. It is located in Watsonville, which, with its warm days and its nights cooled by the fog that rolls in from the Pacific, is the ideal climate to grow the perfect berry. Husband and wife team Karla and Gonzalo Rodriguez grow some of the best organic strawberries, raspberries, golden raspberries, and blackberries.

Leap Frog Farm

Leap Frog Farm is in its first year of production - congratulations to Annie for striking out on her own and launching her dream of owning her very own farm! Annie begins this farm with a wealth of experience in farming, and makes her farmers' market booth known by having some of the most unusual and exceptional heirloom varieties of Certified Organic beans, squash, melons, potatoes, garlic, onions, eggplant, and greens. The mild growing season of the Capay Valley allows Leap Frog Farm to be in production year round, so you can visit Annie each and every Saturday!

Navarro Vineyards & Pennyroyal Creamery

Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Farm are located in the heart of Mendocino County, in the fertile Anderson Valley. The Anderson Valley is a highly regarded wine region, specifically known for growing renowned Pinot, Chardonnay and Rhone varietals. The vineyard at Navarro was designed so that it can be rotationally grazed by miniature Babydoll sheep, replacing diesel driven tractors. A hundred goats and a small herd of sheep not only produce farmstead cheese by their sister farm, Pennyroyal Farm, but also yield enough manure that when converted to compost, provides the fertilizer for all of Navarro’s grape vines. Pennyroyal Farm produces handcrafted cheese exclusively from the goats and sheep that munch on the wild grasses and pennyroyal mint that blanket their sixty-six acres. The milk is transformed into fresh and aged cheeses.

The electricity needs at both Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Farm, including the milking parlor and creamery are solar powered and irrigation water comes from stored winter rainfall. They have some of the most ecologically conscientious designs and practices, created by a winery and farmstead creamery.

Navarro wines are only sold direct, meaning you can’t buy them in stores. Navarro Vineyards was named Winery of the year for 2014, which is an impressive accolade. Watch the July 2014 KCRA Television spotlight on Navarro Vineyards; and to learn more about their triple bottom line operation (people, planet, profit).

Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Creamery is at the farmers' market every other Saturday. Stop by to sample their cheeses and wine!

Old Dog Ranch

Old Dog Ranch is a fifth generation walnut farm nestled in the foothills of the central valley on the Calaveras River. It was named for the beloved Mollie-Dog, a German Shepard, and Poppy, a Golden Retriever Mix, who lived on the ranch into their mid-teens. Old Dog Ranch is transitional organic and uses organic and sustainable practices including cover crops and no-till farming. Mollie (the farmer's daughter, who was named after Mollie-Dog) is at the farmers’ market weekly selling the ranch’s 2012 crop of Chandler Walnuts and delicious artisan walnut products, including Old Dog Ranch Walnut Milk, shelled raw walnuts, roasted walnuts, candied walnuts, and savory roasted rosemary walnuts.

Thomas Farm

Organic fresh cut flowers and potatoes are the emphasis at Thomas Farm, where you’ll also find year-round and seasonal veggies and fruit. The farm’s organic flowers offer an alternative to the usual store-bought ones, with seasonal favorites ranging from brilliant tulips to stunning daisies.

Local, organic flowers are an important sustainable choice. In the US, 62.4% of flowers are imported, which not only leads to excessive fuel emissions, but to damaging floriculture practices, which negatively impact both land and farm workers. Owners Josh and wife Kari are dedicated to providing better, more sustainable options – and the results of locally grown flowers mean that they’re fresher and last longer, too. Thomas Farm also incorporates biological diversity, which contributes to the farm’s sustainability.

Seasonal Farmers

Frog Hollow Farms

Frog Hollow Farms is a thriving 133-acre organic farm located a hop, skip and a jump east of San Francisco in the fertile Sacramento River Delta. Frog Hollow Farms is home to hundreds of trees, which produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, apriums, plums, pluots, Asian and European pears, olives, persimmons, quince, apples and more. Frog Hollow is also known for their legendary spreadable fruit, with conserves of cherry, apricot, peach, and nectarine. Heirloom tomatoes are their newest crop and they are always planting new things to find out what their legendary soil will support.

At the market, May through December

Mount Tam Microgreens

Mount Tam Microgreens grows microgreens in the shadow of Mount Tam in Mill Valley, using sustainable and organic inputs. Seeds are non-GMO, heirloom, and untreated, and mainly organic. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. Mount Tam Microgreens approach to microgreens is different, in that the customer is buying a living pot of microgreens. They can be harvested as they are ready, and multiple harvests are the result of proper care and attention. Mount Tam microgreens are grown in two types of planters: recycled paper pots that last from 1-2 years, and sustainably harvested redwood planters made by the local artisans at Urban Garden Workshop, also in Mill Valley.
The soil is also local and made from sustainable inputs from the redwood forests and Pacific Ocean. No cow or chicken inputs are utilized; the only mammal input is sustainably harvested fossilized bat guano, a harvesting technique that creates new habitat for these beneficial creatures.
The mission at Mount Tam Microgreens is to teach people to live well by becoming involved in and responsible for some of their daily food. Mount Tam Microgreens provide the opportunity for every person to become a farmer, and enjoy the benefits of eating fresh, vitamin-packed microgreens every day.
“Eat smaller” is their motto!

Mount Tam Microgreens has an extensive variety of microgreens. Here’s a list representing only some of what they have to offer.

Swiss Chard Rhubarb
Kale Toscano
Broccoli Di Ciccio
Wild Arugula
Shiso Red
Shungiku (Chrysanthemum)
Romaine Little Gem
Radish Japanese Daikon
Mizuna Purple

Nana Mae's Organics

Nana Mae’s Organics is a North Bay icon, specializing in organic apples and apple products: Gravenstein Apple Juice & Sauce, Heirloom Apple Juice & Sauce, Bartlett Pear Juice, Blackberry Apple Sauce, and Apple Cider Vinegars. When you taste Nana Mae’s, you are enjoying the fruits of Sonoma County's historic apple orchard. The twenty-five varieties of heirloom apples that Paul dry farms give him a palette similar to a winemaker’s from which to blend, and as with wine, each vintage is unique.

Nana Mae's Organics is at the market, July through November.

At the market, July through December.

Seafood, Meat & Dairy

Cowgirl Creamery

Featuring cheeses made of goat, sheep and cow milk, Cowgirl Creamery is a renowned maker of artisan cheeses. Four of the cheeses are soft aged, three are fresh -- but all are spectacular: Mt. Tam, Red Hawk, St Pat, Pierce Point, Devils Gulch, Inverness and Wagon Wheel.
Cowgirl Creamery started in an old barn in Pt. Reyes Station using organic milk from its neighbor, Strauss Creamery. Today, it makes 3,000 pounds a week and sticks to its 7 famous cheeses. Since its launch, all of its fresh cheeses have garnered first prizes from the annual American Cheese Society competition.

Fallon Hills Ranch

You’ll find grass fed beef and lamb from cows and sheep pastured in Fallon Hills’s 310-acre ranch in Tomales, just four miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Grass-fed beef and lamb typically have twice the levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids than conventionally farmed products, and their pastures are full of high nutritional mix for the animals: ryegrass, subterranean clover, orchard grass and wild fescue make up the diet of these healthier animals, which in turn means more healthful meats.

Owners Shannon, Kevin and Brian maintain a herd of about 100 ewes and 50 cows. The flocks are rotated between four main pastures, allowing both space for the animals to roam, as well as time between grazings for the foliage to regenerate. Fallon Hills not only produces local, superior, higher nutritional meats, but does so sustainably.

Saint Benoit Creamery

Saint Benoît Creamery is best known to Bay Area locals for its sustainably packaged artisanal, organic, whole milk, French-style yogurt. But did you know that Saint Benoît Creamery has launched a new, organic, low-pasteurized Jersey cows’ milk? This too is sold in reusable packaging, an old-fashioned style glass bottle. Visit Saint Benoit each Saturday, and make the commitment to buy products with ecological packaging.

Santa Rosa Seafood

Specializing in fresh caught fish and seafood, crab cooked at the market, and BBQ oysters, Santa Rosa Seafood features the largest fresh, local, and exotic sushi grade seafood & shellfish selection. Depending on the season, local fishes include petrale, flounder, lingcod, red rock snapper, sable/black cod, sand dabs, sea bass, swordfish, and Dungeness Crab. Try some of their sumptuous salmon – fresh grilled at the market and oh-so-delicious.

Owner Mike Svedise and his family operate the business using their own fishing boats. The family prepares the fish too: fish are available in whole and fillet form. You can even call in special orders to have special or large requests ready for you.


CC Made

Artists pursue all avenues, and for Cassandra Chen, the road of choice is caramel. Cassandra Chen's San Anselmo-based CC Made Artisanal Caramel produces caramel sauce, individual caramels, and caramel corn, all in small batches, and all by hand. Cassandra arrived at artisanal caramel because she loved caramel over chocolate, but she couldn’t find one that she felt was really good quality. CC Made uses the highest quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. For instance, they use organic yellow popcorn from the Sacramento area, and the almonds come from a California almond grower.


If you think about it, fiber systems - like food systems - are dependent upon agricultural processes. From this realization, Fibershed was hatched. Fibershed is a local non-profit organization that supports the collaboration of small-scale farmers with local artisans to generate a bioregional textile culture. The project began with a commitment by its founder, Rebecca Burgess, to develop and wear a prototype wardrobe whose dyes, fibers, and labor were sourced from a region no larger than 150 miles from the project’s headquarters. Fibershed is committed to educating the community about locally farmed fibers. Stop by their booth to learn more about what they do, and what they make.

*Fibershed is only at the farmers' market on the first Saturday of each month.

My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen

My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen bakes delectable desserts with a special surprise. Each one of their delicious baked goods, be it a chocolate chip or ginger molasses cookie, or chocolate or Myer lemon cupcake, is made from entirely plant based ingredients. This means dairy free and no eggs - and incorporating vegan sugar and other organic and local ingredients. Johanna, the owner and head baker at My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen makes desserts to provide divine pleasure, while promoting the health and well-being of all Earth’s species.

Rustic Bakery

Carol LeValley, owner of Rustic Bakery, is known for her delicious lavosh flatbreads (the perfect accompaniment to cheese), but true to her heart is the art of baking bread. If you’ve had a sandwich at their Larkspur bakery, then you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy one of their freshly baked loaves. Drum roll please, but now you can enjoy Rustic Bakery bread each Saturday when you come to the Marin Country Mart Farmers Market. Rustic Bakery will be selling bread baked fresh that morning in addition to granola, cookies, muffins, and the best croissants you’ve ever tasted.

Brunch & Lunch

Belcampo Meat Co.

Belcampo Meat Co. grills up house made hot dogs and Bratwurst sausages every Saturday with their delicious 100% certified organic sustainably raised pastured beef. Served on a butter toasted brioche bun, and did you say add house made chili or sauerkraut? The Belcampo Hot Dog Booth is open each and every Saturday…ahhh yet another reason to swing by the farmers’ market. Belcampo Meat Co. is a farm, a processing plant, and a butcher shop – whereby they manage the entire production chain to bring you delicious, safe, healthy, organic, and humane meat.

Belcampo’s farm is certified organic by CCOF and certified humane by the Animal Welfare Association. Belcampo butchery harvests all of their meats humanely in a Temple Grandin-designed facility just a few miles from their farm. Check out their diverse selection of sausages, chicken, bacon, soup stocks, and the list goes on…at their full service butcher counter and restaurant, which is also located at the Marin Country Mart.

Brittany Crepes

Proprietors Laurent and his wife Carole, both from Brittany, bring their heritage in crepe making to the market each Saturday. Traditional sweet crepes and savory organic buckwheat crepes are available in such classics as ham and cheese, smoked salmon and sour cream, brie cheese and pesto, butter, sugar and lemon, and Nutella and banana. Bon Appétit!

Johnny Doughnuts

Johnny Doughnuts makes handcrafted doughnuts using cool milled organic flours. The dough is all hand-rolled and hand-cut, and then they’re finished with toppings like citrus sea salt-glaze, strawberry glaze, and blueberry glaze made from local fresh berries. Some are filled with the most delicious house made jams, curds, and custards like lime-mascarpone cream, or the Bismark doughnut filled with wild berry jam. All your favorites can be found aboard their doughnut truck, like cinnamon rolls, old fashioned, maple twists, caramel apple fritters, and the hard to find crough dough Cronut that has a cream filling inside. To wash it all down, they serve Equator organic coffees and single origin pour over coffee; in addition to cold brew coffee. Stop by their classy doughnut & coffee truck, which is at the market every Saturday (located adjacent to Santa Rosa Seafood).

The Farmers Wife

The Farmers Wife by Kendra Kolling serves up true farm to fresh foods prepared at the market. For a delightful daily brunch, enjoy one of her seasonal offerings: soup, salad and grilled cheese sandwiches, with ingredients fresh from local chefs and growers – and with some of Nana Mae’s own famous products, of course.


Kelly's Knife Sharpening

Kelly's Knife Sharpening services are available at the farmers' market each and every Saturday. Bring your dull kitchen knives and cutlery, scissors, garden tools, hand tools, and more, and then enjoy the rest of the farmers' market! If you make Kelly's booth your first stop, you can go about your shopping and typically come back when you're finished to perfectly sharpened cutlery. Kelly's business phone number is (415) 606 3343.


Arts & Crafts by SCRAP

SCRAP provides complimentary crafting for kids at the farmers' market. An instructor oversees an activity in which children use re-usable materials to create something new. SCRAP encourages creativity and imagination in kids, while promoting sustainability through its use of entirely re-usable supplies.

Complimentary crafts by SCRAP happens at the market every Saturday, from 10:30-1:30.

Clementine The Amazing ~ Face Painting

Clementine The Amazing and her team can transform you or your child into a full face animal, a masked hero, a sparkling fairy princess, or can simply paint any small cheek art of your desire. Clementine The Amazing is at the Marin Country Mart Farmers' Market each and every Saturday, from 9:00-2:00.

* attendance contingent upon dry weather.

Using only cosmetic-grade water-based paints manufactured specifically for face and body art.

Kid’s Music by Christopher Smith

While perusing the farmers' market, allow your child to enjoy Christopher Smith’s award-winning kids’ music. His children’s CD The Golden Gate, featuring all original music, won a Parent’s Choice Award. Christopher tells short stories through his lyrics, which are often funny and always keep young audiences engaged and entertained.

Complimentary children's entertainment happens at the market every Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Scott the Storyteller

Grammy-nominated Scott the Storyteller comes to the farmers' market to tell stories that both entertain and educate young children. He encourages audience participation, and involves musical instruments and vocal characterizations in his performances. He has been described as a “kid magnet,” and always captivates kids at the farmers' market.

Complimentary children's entertainment happens at the market every Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Victoria's Fashion Stables & Pony Rides

Pony rides and a petting zoo for the kids! Ponies are saddled for rides at the side of the market. The petting zoo gives the kids an opportunity to see and pet their favorite barnyard animals.

Pony Rides & Petting Zoo are at the Farmers' Market every Saturday, from 10:30-2:00.

*attendance contingent upon dry weather.


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