Farmers & Purveyors

Anna's Seafood

Specializing in fresh caught fish and seafood, crab cooked at the market, and BBQ oysters, Anna's Seafood features the largest fresh, local, and exotic sushi grade seafood & shellfish selection. Depending on the season, local fishes include petrale, flounder, ling cod, red rock snapper, sable/black cod, sand dabs, sea bass, swordfish, and Dungeness Crab. Try some of their sumptuous salmon – fresh grilled at the market and oh-so-delicious.

Anna Svedise, the daughter of Mike and Trudy Svedise of Santa Rosa Seafood, has struck out on her own. The family, which operates the business using their own fishing boats, prepares the fish too: fish are available in whole and fillet form. You can even call in special orders to have special or large requests ready for you.

Ariana's Cuisine

Aryan Abbassi has joined the market with her organic, lean and nutritious soups, sauces and dips. Born in Iran, Aryan moved to the U.S. when she was 12. Educated in Iran, France, Switzerland and the U.S. and having lived and traveled around the globe, her food philosophy is "the world on your plate." After a +20-year career in law, she attended culinary school. After years of working in several of San Francisco's and Marin's finest restaurant kitchens, she opened her own business, Ariana's Cuisine. Her inspiration came from craving healthy soup while she was under the weather. Now she offers healthy, clean soups not laden with flour, cream, sugar and salt – generally hard to come by.

Every week she features three organic soup bases – a vegan offering, another based on chicken broth, and a third based on beef-bone broth. While she will have different soups weekly, she'll always have her Greens Soup, described below, for those who depend on it.

Aryan's soups can be customized as buyers prefer. They can be enjoyed as-is for a light nutritious meal or favorite ingredients from the farmers’ market can be added to make a meal out of them.

Aryan's Vegan Seasonal Greens Soup is packed with lacinto kale, spinach, parsley, celery, onion, garlic, lemon juice and turmeric. This 'soup-er' healthy concoction tastes great on its own, and makes a filling lunch or dinner as-is. It can also be quickly dressed up and made non-vegan by adding lean chicken, sausage, white cannellini beans and a sprinkle of Parmesan for a green minestrone. Highly nutritious and great tasting, the Greens Soup an excellent way to sneak veggies into a meal. She also has a version with wild rice for healthy carbs.

Ariana's Cuisine also offers basil pesto and three hummus options, all made from scratch every week. Hummus flavors to choose from are roasted red pepper, roasted red beet, and plain.

You get the idea: this is versatile, healthy food. She does the hard work for you using the best of ingredients. These soups last a week and are freezer-friendly. They defrost easily and are great to have on standby.

One more note: Kids love Ariana's Soups! And parents love them, too, because their healthy ingredients and good flavors make children ask for more.

Arts & Crafts by SCRAP

SCRAP provides complimentary crafting for kids at the farmers' market. An instructor oversees an activity in which children use re-usable materials to create something new. SCRAP encourages creativity and imagination in kids, while promoting sustainability through its use of entirely re-usable supplies.

Complimentary crafts by SCRAP happens at the market every Saturday, from 10:30-1:30.

Aztec Dahlias

Aztec Dahlias is a Sonoma County flower farm dedicated to growing Dahlias, in dozens of varieties, colors and sizes. This year they’ve added over 34 new varieties to their offerings, for the 2015 summer and fall season! Aztec Dahlias also sells tubers, so that you can plant, nurture, and ultimately enjoy Dahlias in your own yards. Aztec Dahlias began as a hobby business, but it became full time seven years ago. Lucky for the O’Brien family their Dahlia business was already off the ground and running - they just needed to grow and expand to turn it into a full time venture. Aztec Dahlias is now 16 years old, so the O’Brien family is quite literally the experts in Dahlias. Aztec Dahlias will be at our market from August through the end of October or early November, or as long as the weather holds out. Each week new varieties will be blossoming, and you won’t want to miss the giant ones that are over 10” in diameter. Stop by their booth weekly, to see what’s new.

Belcampo Meat Co.

Hot dogs! Get your organic hot dogs, sliders and breakfast sandwiches from Belcampo at the Farmers' Market.

Bliss Avocados

The Bliss family, in addition to growing super premium Hass Avocados, also makes ultra-premium organic avocado oil. This oil is purist and 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or refinements. It is cold pressed at their avocado grove in the foothills of Carpinteria, where their family has farmed since 1921. You can use avocado oil for salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and searing (it has a very high smoke point). This oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Stop by their booth this Saturday for a sample.

Brittany Crepes

Proprietors Laurent and his wife Carole, both from Brittany, bring their heritage in crepe making to the market each Saturday. Traditional sweet crepes and savory organic buckwheat crepes are available in such classics as ham and cheese, smoked salmon and sour cream, brie cheese and pesto, butter, sugar and lemon, and Nutella and banana. Bon Appétit!

Capay Organic

After more than 30 years of organic farming, Capay Organic grows more that 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 500 acres of certified organic land. The farm is now owned and operated by the second-generation farmers – Kathy and Martin’s sons – Noah, Thaddeus and Freeman. In keeping with their parents’ vision, the farm practices healthy crop rotation, encourages a diverse ecosystem around our fields, efficiently uses local water sources, and carefully selects produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

Clementine The Amazing ~ Face Painting

Clementine The Amazing and her team can transform you or your child into a full face animal, a masked hero, a sparkling fairy princess, or can simply paint any small cheek art of your desire. Clementine The Amazing is at the Marin Country Mart Farmers' Market each and every Saturday, from 9:00-2:00.

* attendance contingent upon dry weather.

Using only cosmetic-grade water-based paints manufactured specifically for face and body art.

County Line Harvest Farm

David Retsky started County Line Harvest on a six-acre plot on the Sonoma-Marin County line before moving over the hill in 2007 to Red Hill Ranch in Marin County. Shortly after he settled in on the new property, Marin Agriculture Land Trust acquired the easement on Red Hill Ranch, preserving it forever as farmland. Not only did this new property provide more acreage for cultivation, but the abundance of renewable on-site water and the MALT easement helped ensure the continuation of County Line's goal to provide fresh produce to its surrounding communities. Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for organically grown produce, and alongside a growing customer base, it seemed the perfect time to expand. Following the models of other successful farms, County Line Harvest found a property in the Coachella Valley, about 2 ½ hours east of Los Angeles. With the first harvest in October 2010, County Line South now provides year-round availability of the sweet lettuces and tender salad greens that have become its trademark, as well as many other crops that have only lengthened the varied list of what it grows.

Crane Creek Growers

Crane Creek Growers is a converted chicken farm turned flower farm located in Penngrove, nestled at the base of Sonoma Mountain on 10 acres. Diana and Tom founded their flower farm in 2008. Tom has been farming flowers for 40 years and Diana has been managing farmers’ markets for the past 15 years. It is a dream realized for them to be living and farming in beautiful Sonoma County. Crane Creek Growers is known for their Asiatic lilies, irises, peonies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and mixed bouquets of field flowers, Persian cucumbers, and Japanese tomatoes.

De Santis Farms

Specializing in heirloom citrus, persimmons, pomegranates, grapes, quince, nuts, and dried fruits, De Santis Farms boasts an inspiring and unique range of seasonal specialties, including many citrus varieties, such as Seville oranges, sweet limes, cara cara navel oranges, pomelos, Satsuma mandarins, Buddha’s hand, and bergamot lemons. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts also round out their product offerings.

De Santis Farms is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Matteo and Rose, who have been bringing their farmed goods directly to consumers for years.

Fallon Hills Ranch

You’ll find grass fed beef and lamb from cows and sheep pastured in Fallon Hills’s 310-acre ranch in Tomales, just four miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Grass-fed beef and lamb typically have twice the levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids than conventionally farmed products, and their pastures are full of high nutritional mix for the animals: ryegrass, subterranean clover, orchard grass and wild fescue make up the diet of these healthier animals, which in turn means more healthful meats.

Owners Shannon, Kevin and Brian maintain a herd of about 100 ewes and 50 cows. The flocks are rotated between four main pastures, allowing both space for the animals to roam, as well as time between grazings for the foliage to regenerate. Fallon Hills not only produces local, superior, higher nutritional meats, but does so sustainably.

Farmer Joy's Eggs

Farmer Joy raises her flock of ducks and hens on her family’s multi generational farm, located just outside of Petaluma. Her 200 hens and 20 ducks graze pasture during the day, and enjoy organic produce from a local vegetable farm as a supplement to their diet. Farmer Joy prides herself on having a genetically diverse flock of hens, with over 13 breeds. This variety of breeds allows for a wide range of shell colors. When you buy a dozen eggs, expect shell colors ranging from light brown to very dark brown, green, and blue, and many have speckles.

Fat Uncle Farms

Fat Uncle Farms sells dry-farmed almonds from their 100 acres of almond-covered hills off the Central Coast near Paso Robles. Dry-farmed almonds are more nutrient-dense, with higher protein and less carbs than commercial almonds, which receive substantially more water and chemical fertilizers. Fat Uncle almonds are completely raw and not treated in any way.

Dry farming depends on natural moisture instead of artificial irrigation, reducing demand on California's fresh-water supply. This includes preserving the upper canopy of oak trees and the lower canopy of wild grains so the ecosystem is not disrupted. Wild wheat, oats, and rye grasses grow between the shrub-like almond trees sprouting from the hillside. Herding animals such as cows and sheep graze freely to maintain and fertilize the fields. By not uprooting and plowing the land to plant vast rows of almond trees, rain water is naturally retained in the field and soil erosion is greatly reduced.

Look for their raw almonds, sprouted almonds, raw and roasted almond butter, blanched almond meal (flour), sliced blanched almonds, sliced blistered almonds, and seasonal marzipan, which is great for baking. Try their specialty-flavored almonds, including Original with Sea Salt, Rosemary, Cajun, Cinnalmond, Garlic, Coconut with Honey, Ginger, Honey, and their new Lemon Pepper almonds.

Firefly Chocolate

Jonas Ketterle founded the bean to bar dark chocolate company, Firefly Chocolate, in 2014, with the mission of inspiring awe and wonder through cacao. Notably, he imports an organic heirloom cacao directly from farmers in Belize, and is the only producer in Sonoma County capable of making fine chocolate from raw cacao beans. He is known for his 85% chocolate bars, and also for crafting 100% cacao that is used in cacao ceremonies around the world.

“In 2012, I traveled to Oaxaca Mexico. Shortly into my stay there, I was invited to stay in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec town with strong chocolate traditions. When I visited Maria, she asked me if I had ever made chocolate before. I had barely said no and she was already on her way to get the cacao beans. So began an afternoon of making chocolate the traditional way - open fire roasted, hand peeled within sight of their sacred mountain, and stone ground with a molino. The result? A honey sweetened chocolate paste, fresher and more delicious than any chocolate I had ever tasted before.”

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and went on to work at Fenix International and Greenlight Planet to provide affordable solar energy to rural customers in developing countries. I have also studied permaculture and nature awareness at the Regenerative Design Institute, and have lived in eco-villages and cooperative houses for the majority of the last ten years. Now you can find me at farmer's markets, on the dance floor, adventuring to gather spring water, and sharing gratitude over a frothy morning cacao drink. I hope to meet you one day and share in the joys of chocolate!

Chocolate Bars:
All Firefly Chocolate bars are made with the intention of health and thriving, from the consumer all the way to the farmer.

- We use a transparent trade heirloom cacao from Belize
- We hand craft bean to bar in California in a dedicated facility
- Certified organic, soy free, vegan, and paleo
- Made with low glycemic index coconut blossom sugar
- Stone ground at low temperatures

Our current offering of flavors includes the following:

Pure Dark – 85%
This bar is a treat for anyone seeking a high quality chocolate. With just three ingredients (cacao beans, coconut blossom sugar, and cacao butter), this bar delivers a delightfully balanced dark chocolate experience that is not sweet. We’ve selected our favorite organic Belizean cacao to showcase its rich and nuanced flavor. Unwrap and prepare for the awe inspiring chocolate relationship that you’ve been always been waiting for!

Almond and Sea Salt
This chocolate bar is packed full with California grown almonds freshly roasted to perfection. Combined with sea salt harvested from the Pacific Coast, this bar is a savory chocolate classic that makes a great snack for a sunny day.

Coconut Cream
We freshly stone grind coconut to blend with our Belizean chocolate for a smooth and rich coconut flavor. As a result of the cacao and coconut fats mixing, this chocolate has a lower melting point similar to milk chocolate, but the ingredients are vegan. This is our newest chocolate bar and already one of our best-sellers!

Maca is a Peruvian radish with super food properties, and has used by indigenous Andean peoples for thousand of years for increased stamina and balancing of hormones. We also love this combination of maca and chocolate for the unique malty taste it creates. This bar has more than 12% maca content (which is a medicinal dosage), and the cacao acts as a vasodilator, delivering the maca deeper into the body’s tissues. The particular maca we use is grown on a spring fed family farm at 13000 feet, and is a blend of the red, black, and yellow varieties.

Spicy Chai
The gradually developing flavor of this chocolate bar makes it one of our most unique, and we especially enjoy it as a treat for a cold or rainy day. Inspired by Oaxacan style chocolate, we blend a Mexican cinnamon and cardamom to create a delicious chai flavor up front. As the flavor develops the ginger creates a gentle warming effect, and just the right amount of cayenne gives a satisfying finish similar in heat to a medium salsa.

Limited Edition Bars:

100% with Goji Berries
By popular demand we are launching this single origin, two-ingredient bar that is just pure organic Belize cacao beans with goji berries on the back for just enough natural sweetness. We’re amazed at how good this tastes, with a nutty aroma and a light saltiness. No sugar, no soy, no dairy, just cacao and goji berries!

Bay Nut
This one of a kind chocolate bar contains the nuts of the California Bay Laurel Tree, Umbellularia California. This tree is a native species in Sonoma and Mendocino counties, and is related to the avocado family. Although abundant, bay trees are not cultivated, so all the nuts in this bar have been wild harvested. The indigenous peoples of the California coast consume bay nuts. They are an important staple, because once dried they store well for many years. Before consumption, the nuts were traditionally roasted in ashes, producing an aroma similar to popcorn and coffee. It is our hope that by sharing this bar we promote knowledge of and stewardship of California coast traditions and ecology.

Cacao Nibs, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, and more:

Cacao Nibs – 8oz Jar
Our freshly roasted cacao nibs have incredible aroma and flavor, unlike most raw nibs on the market. The secret is in our low temperature roast that brings out the subtleties of this premium organic Belize cacao. After roasting, we crack and winnow the cacao beans to remove the shell and deliver you a delicious snack that you can eat straight (like nuts), blend into smoothies, or use as a crunchy topping for granolas, ice creams, and salads. This is 100% cacao with no sugar added.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – “Jar of Joy” – 8oz Jar
An indulgent dark chocolate hazelnut spread made with just four organic ingredients. Enjoy on fresh fruit, a slice of bread, ice cream, or straight out of the jar. Joy may result!

The back story: growing up in Germany I ate plenty of Nutella, before I learned just how bad the ingredients in it are. It seems everyday I find another article on just how unhealthy the stuff is. So for years I abstained, but yearned for that oh so fabulous combination of hazelnuts and chocolate. (The first two ingredients in Nutella are cane sugar and palm oil. In the Jar of Joy, they are cacao beans and hazelnuts). That’s the inspiration for the Jar of Joy – reclaiming a classic childhood flavor combination in a way that supports thriving people and ecosystems. The Jar of Joy is 100% organic, vegan, and uses regenerative cacao and low glycemic index sweeteners. It might just taste better too.

First Light Farm

First Light Farmers, Jessie Pizzitola and Lisa Murgatroyd, are proud to be Certified Organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture – it's no easy thing to get all the paperwork together and document all practices, which is a requirement for all Certified Organic farmers. They believe it makes them better farmers and better business owners.

First Light Farm was founded six years ago on two diversely different properties that together make up 20 acres in Petaluma and Valley Ford. The difference between the properties' two climates is vast. The Petaluma parcel on Bodega Avenue has a farmstand and pick-your-own flower garden, and enough heat to grow tasty hot-weather crops such as peppers and tomatoes.

The Valley Ford parcel is much cooler and often foggy. There they are able to grow kale and other greens, which are available year round. Their philosophy? Farming creates a healthy culture of community, camaraderie and shared leadership. This maintains respect and connection to the earth (and universe) through producing the highest quality food. This is done by nurturing the vitality of the soil, ecosystem and our living world, through biodynamic and other ecological practices and by demonstrating farming practices that are the very best socially and ecologically.

First Light Farm's standard of good farming practices doesn't stop with organic certification. They hold themselves to standards of staying innovative and continually learning new practices to work with the natural systems they love so much, including:

• Planting both winter and spring cover crops to build soil fertility, improve soil structure and soil life, and to add organic matter
• Applying organic compost that feeds diverse life in the soil. These beneficial bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and more support healthy plant growth.
• Using lab-based soil testing to evaluate and balance soil nutrients
• Building biodynamic compost and spray biodynamic preparations created out of natural and organic substances, which are used to enhance and regulate plant growth, soil life and farm metabolism
• Practicing careful crop rotation so that the nutritional demands of crops do not over-tax soil nutrients and pest/disease pressure is minimized. For example, their potatoes and brassicas are on a four-year rotation cycle and are never grown in the same field until four years have passed.
• Utilizing the ancient practice of dry-farming at the Valley Ford operation, carefully tending the soil to grow the best potatoes and winter squash you'll ever taste – without a single drop of irrigated water!

They sell their produce through three different farmers' markets, a farmstand, and CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – available at the Marin Country Mart Trading Post.

Among First Light Farm's specialties are:

• Multiple varieties of dry-farmed potatoes: German Butterball, Princess La Ratte, Canela Russet, Yukon Gold and Nicola
• Dry-farmed tomatoes: Early Girl
• Italian sweet peppers: Corno di Toro, Carmen, Round of Hungry, Jimmy Nardello
• Kale: Dino, Green Curly, Red Curly
• Beets: Red and Gold
• Carrots: Bolero
• Parsley: Flat Italian
• Mixed head lettuces
• Arugula
• Red Kuri squash

Fisher's Cheese and Wine

Come enjoy artisan cheeses and grilled cheese sandwiches at Fisher's Cheese and Wine. Kiri Fisher, founder of the Cheese School of San Francisco, has opened a second location right here at Marin Country Mart. Fisher's Cheese and Wine is a cheese shop and cafe with a mouth-watering selection of artisan cheeses and charcuterie, plus small plates to enjoy onsite along with wine and beer by the glass. Now Kiri and her team from the Cheese School bring their signature friendly, artful approach to cheese to the North Bay.

Look for them every Saturday right here at the Farmers' Market. Come and learn from people who know and love cheese. They offer local cheese, French Cheese, Italian parms and burratas. Choose a platter to enjoy at the market, something to take home, or work with them to customize a spectacular cheese platter for your next event.

— Farmers' Market Selections —

• Cheese plates comprised of 3 or 5 selections, including boozy raisin preserve, dried fruit and Rustic Bakery crackers
• Cut-to-order artisan cheese as well as fresh mozzarella and burrata
• Cheese accompaniments including homemade pickled vegetables, preserves, crackers, and seasonal grain salads
• Grilled cheese sandwiches, with or without homemade prosciutto jam
• Savory "French toast" with milk-braised pork and seasonal salsa.

Frog Hollow Farms

Frog Hollow Farms is a thriving 133-acre organic farm located a hop, skip and a jump east of San Francisco in the fertile Sacramento River Delta. Frog Hollow Farms is home to hundreds of trees, which produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, apriums, plums, pluots, Asian and European pears, olives, persimmons, quince, apples and more. Frog Hollow is also known for their legendary spreadable fruit, with conserves of cherry, apricot, peach, and nectarine. Heirloom tomatoes are their newest crop and they are always planting new things to find out what their legendary soil will support.

At the market, May through December

Genuine Grub

Genuine Grub is a two-year old maker of premium natural ferments. They create bold and innovative pickled foods using only fresh ingredients, which possess healing properties. Made in Marin, California.

Sometimes described as an adapted kimchi - meaning, there's no seafood, no added sugar, no additives or preservatives, with reduced sodium. Try Spicy Pickled Radish, Tumeric Pickled Radish, Sour Dill Cukes and more.

Hidden Star Orchards

This 80-acre certified organic farm located in the Sierra Nevada foothills has three generations working the farm, with the grandchildren helping to sort apples in the summer. The farm is cultivated with a variety of fruits, which include apples, cherries, blueberries, pomegranates, and grapes. As an integral part of the apple growing business, Hidden Star Orchards has developed a specialty niche in freshly pressed cider. Each week a team of four workers gathers up a blend of apples and other fruits (apple cherry, apple lemon, and apple pomegranate) and prepares them for juicing. They also make 100% pure pomegranate juice and cherry juice. After being pressed, the juices are flash frozen to preserve the integrity of their flavor and to extend their shelf life once it is in your refrigerator. Juices are sold in 8 ounce, 16 ounce, 24 ounce, and 32 ounce servings.

Johnny Doughnuts

Johnny Doughnuts makes handcrafted doughnuts using cool milled organic flours. The dough is all hand-rolled and hand-cut, and then they’re finished with toppings like citrus sea salt-glaze, strawberry glaze, and blueberry glaze made from local fresh berries. Some are filled with the most delicious house made jams, curds, and custards like lime-mascarpone cream, or the Bismark doughnut filled with wild berry jam. All your favorites can be found aboard their doughnut truck, like cinnamon rolls, old fashioned, maple twists, caramel apple fritters, and the hard to find crough dough Cronut that has a cream filling inside. To wash it all down, they serve Equator organic coffees and single origin pour over coffee; in addition to cold brew coffee. Stop by their classy doughnut & coffee truck, which is at the market every Saturday (located adjacent to Santa Rosa Seafood).

Kids' Music: Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is a real master of her craft, knowing exactly how to vary the tempo of her songs for children and to keep her programs interactive. She is equally entertaining for toddlers and small children, plus the parents know the words too, so it’s great fun for the entire family.

Miss Kitty performs on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Complimentary children's entertainment happens at the market every Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Kids' Music: Orange Sherbet

Jill and Steve (2/3 of Orange Sherbet) bring their happy music to the Marin Country Mart Farmers’ Market on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from 9:30-10:3 am. Orange Sherbet plays music from around the world for dancing, jumping, and spinning. Many of their songs are original and include all things kid-oriented – from seasons to dinosaurs, elevators, dump trucks, sunglasses, and food.

Complimentary children's entertainment happens at the market every Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 am.

La Chiquita Farm

La Chiquita Farm is a small 4-acre berry farm that is certified organic by CCOF. It is located in Watsonville, which, with its warm days and its nights cooled by the fog that rolls in from the Pacific, is the ideal climate to grow the perfect berry. Husband and wife team Karla and Gonzalo Rodriguez grow some of the best organic strawberries, raspberries, golden raspberries, and blackberries.

La Vie Probiotic Drinks

La Vie’s certified organic, probiotic wellness drinks are made with an infusion of fresh juices and superfood ingredients. They offer a range of 17 healthy drinks, including a variety of freshly made almond milks, a multi-day Probiotic Juice Cleanse.

La Vie artisanal probiotic drinks and almond milk sourced from local farms (our very own Hidden Star Orchards supplies them with raw apple juice and pomegranates). Among the ingredients are raw, organic, locally grown beets; pure, raw coconut water, straight from the coconut; cold-pressed juices, mineral salt and filtered water. La Vie probiotic drinks never include refined sugars, fruit juice concentrates or caffeine. La Vie drinks are served in reusable and returnable glass bottles and customers are encouraged to participate in their recycling and re-use program by returning bottles to the Farmers’ Market.

Leap Frog Farm

Leap Frog Farm is a small organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley. Owner Annie Hehner focuses on growing unusual and delicious heirloom vegetables -- and eventually fruit as soon as her trees get bigger!

Annie, who began her 2-1/2 acre farm with a wealth of experience in farming, makes her farmers' market booth known by having some of the most unusual and exceptional heirloom varieties of Certified Organic beans, squash, melons, potatoes, garlic, onions, eggplant, and greens. The mild growing season of the Capay Valley allows Leap Frog Farm to be in production year round, so you can visit Annie every Saturday.

My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen

My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen bakes delectable desserts with a special surprise. Each one of their delicious baked goods, be it a chocolate chip or ginger molasses cookie, or chocolate or Myer lemon cupcake, is made from entirely plant based ingredients. This means dairy free and no eggs - and incorporating vegan sugar and other organic and local ingredients. Johanna, the owner and head baker at My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen makes desserts to provide divine pleasure, while promoting the health and well-being of all Earth’s species.

Nana Mae's Organics

Nana Mae’s Organics is a North Bay icon, specializing in organic apples and apple products: Gravenstein Apple Juice & Sauce, Heirloom Apple Juice & Sauce, Bartlett Pear Juice, Blackberry Apple Sauce, and Apple Cider Vinegars. When you taste Nana Mae’s, you are enjoying the fruits of Sonoma County's historic apple orchard. The twenty-five varieties of heirloom apples that Paul dry farms give him a palette similar to a winemaker’s from which to blend, and as with wine, each vintage is unique.

Nana Mae's Organics is at the market, July through November.

At the market, July through December.

Navarro Vineyards & Pennyroyal Creamery

Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Farm are located in the heart of Mendocino County, in the fertile Anderson Valley. The Anderson Valley is a highly regarded wine region, specifically known for growing renowned Pinot, Chardonnay and Rhone varietals. The vineyard at Navarro was designed so that it can be rotationally grazed by miniature Babydoll sheep, replacing diesel driven tractors. A hundred goats and a small herd of sheep not only produce farmstead cheese by their sister farm, Pennyroyal Farm, but also yield enough manure that when converted to compost, provides the fertilizer for all of Navarro’s grape vines. Pennyroyal Farm produces handcrafted cheese exclusively from the goats and sheep that munch on the wild grasses and pennyroyal mint that blanket their sixty-six acres. The milk is transformed into fresh and aged cheeses.

The electricity needs at both Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Farm, including the milking parlor and creamery are solar powered and irrigation water comes from stored winter rainfall. They have some of the most ecologically conscientious designs and practices, created by a winery and farmstead creamery.

Navarro wines are only sold direct, meaning you can’t buy them in stores. Navarro Vineyards was named Winery of the year for 2014, which is an impressive accolade. Watch the July 2014 KCRA Television spotlight on Navarro Vineyards; and to learn more about their triple bottom line operation (people, planet, profit).

Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Creamery is at the farmers' market every other Saturday. Stop by to sample their cheeses and wine!

New Family Farm

Adam Davidoff and Ryan Power of New Family Farm, friends since middle school, feature their dry-farmed, cool-weather storage crops. New Family farmland is located in Jonive Valley, west of Sebastapol, on three separate plots. The valley is flooded for nearly half the year, giving them a unique opportunity for dry-farming and providing cool weather crops in the summertime.

New Family focuses on beets, kale, cabbage and potatoes. They also grow winter squash, kale, pinto beans, mixed salad greens, and dry-farmed quinoa.

Old Dog Ranch

Old Dog Ranch is a fifth generation walnut farm nestled in the foothills of the central valley on the Calaveras River. It was named for the beloved Mollie-Dog, a German Shepard, and Poppy, a Golden Retriever mix, who lived on the ranch into their mid-teens. Old Dog Ranch is Certified Organic, using organic and sustainable practices including cover crops and no-till farming. Mollie (the farmer's daughter, who was named after Mollie-Dog) is at the farmers’ market weekly selling the ranch’s 2012 crop of Chandler Walnuts and delicious artisan walnut products, including Old Dog Ranch Walnut Milk, shelled raw walnuts, roasted walnuts, candied walnuts, and savory roasted rosemary walnuts.

Piano Farm

Piano Farm is named for the tempo, slow. Nestled in Bloomfield not far from Tomales Bay, the climate, soil and water resources make for perfect conditions for cultivating prized cool-weather varietals, ranging from strawberries and lettuces to summer tomatoes and squashes.

This micro-regenerative farm grows organically, with no tillage. Their goals are to build soil health and create nutrient-dense produce that tastes great. Veva Edelson, a native San Franciscan, comes from a background in the restaurant and art world. From the rural Czech Republic, Karel Sidorjak studied forestry before coming to U.S. and establishing himself as a carpenter. Together they have found a home in Bloomfield and have taken up farming out of a desire to nurture bio-diversity and create habitat for pollinators while growing beautiful produce for healthy people.

Rustic Bakery

With bread baked fresh that morning in addition to granola, cookies, muffins, and the best croissants you’ve ever tasted, Rustic Bakery is a happy addition to the Farmers’ Market. Everything is made from scratch and it shows. It’s the perfect place to get a cup of coffee and your baked provisions while you stroll the market.

Rustic Bakery is a Marin success story. Owned by Carol LeValley and husband Josh Harris, Rustic got its start by crafting delicious handmade lavosh flatbreads using organic grains and seeds. With Carol’s passion for baking, the product line quickly expanded, as did the bakery, with locations in Larkspur and Novato.

Saint Benoit Creamery

Saint Benoît Creamery is best known to Bay Area locals for its sustainably packaged artisanal, organic, whole milk, French-style yogurt. But did you know that Saint Benoît Creamery has launched a new, organic, low-pasteurized Jersey cows’ milk? This too is sold in reusable packaging, an old-fashioned style glass bottle. Visit Saint Benoit each Saturday, and make the commitment to buy products with ecological packaging.

Scott the Storyteller

Grammy-nominated Scott the Storyteller comes to the farmers' market to tell stories that both entertain and educate young children. He encourages audience participation, and involves musical instruments and vocal characterizations in his performances. He has been described as a “kid magnet,” and always captivates kids at the farmers' market.

Complimentary children's entertainment happens at the market every Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 am.

Soda Rock Farms

Soda Rock Farms is a booming 7 acre certified organic farm located in Healdsburg. Soda Rock Farms specializes in growing over 40 varieties of tomatoes throughout the summer season, in addition to peppers, squashes, eggplants, and basils. Tomato varieties range in colors from green to purple, and every shade in between. Here's a list of their customer’s favorite tomato varieties; Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Lemon Boy, Sweet 100's, Early Girl, and Pineapple. The farm’s located in Healdsburg provides the ideal region for growing hot season vegetables and produces the most flavorful heirloom tomatoes, because of the warm days, pleasant nights, and rich soil. Prior to every season, Soda Rock Farms dedicates its efforts to developing each plant from seed. They believe that in order to have the most bountiful fruit, they must first begin with healthy and sturdy plants that are acclimated to the farm’s climate. This family-run farm has grown heirloom produce for over 13 years.

The Hummus Guy

Nine years ago Mohamed Charif, the guy behind The Hummus Guy, and his family arrived in the United States from Tunisia. Inspired to build a food business from traditional family recipes, they started making small batches of pitas and hummus. With the help from a cousin, a highly trained Tunisian chef who furthered his culinary studies in Switzerland, they have created an incredible line of traditional grab-n-go cuisine from their Mediterranean homeland. Products include over a dozen types of organic hummus made with organic garbanzo beans grown in Stockton, in flavors like Avocado & Cilantro, Roasted Garlic & Chives, Harissa, Spicy Black Bean & Chipotle, Purple Yam, and Artichoke. To go with their incredible hummus they make crisp homemade lemon or garlic pita chips, and whole wheat or white flour pita bread. Additionally, The Hummus Guy sells spiced and pitted green and purple olives, smoked eggplant baba ghanoush, and desserts of sesame halva and baklava. Hummus and seasonal farmers market vegetables make the perfect snack!

The Sharp Brothers

Taking form in 2004, The Sharp Brothers started as a father and son duo. Lee has been sharpening for over 50 years. He began as a young boy growing up on a farm in southern Illinois and now sharpens the knives of top chefs, frivolous home cooks, and unusual yokels. He possesses a certain finesse and wisdom which can only be accumulated with decades of care and respect towards maintaining the functionality of our favorite edged tools. Austin, his son, with fine eyes and nimble hands has been sharpening since he was 14.

Over the years they have trained other sharpeners and placed them under their wings on an apprentice program. They work under taut and tame supervision to become master sharpeners. You will meet the sharpeners at farmers markets, knife sharpening parties, at your house or a myriad of other places.

The Sharp Brothers use state-of-the-art equipment. Their 320 gritted, one-inch belt sander lays a fine burr and a high-speed paper wheel removes it making the perfect edge without taking much steel off. They have sharpened over 100,000 knives and counting in the Milwaukee area.

One of our founders, Austin, has relocated to the Bay Area to bring sharp knives to home cooks all over the Bay Area. You can book knife sharpening parties and house calls or see him and his staff performing at local farmers' markets including the Marin Country Mart Farmers' Market.

Sharpening charges are assessed, per knife, depending on length, condition, and if serrated. The Sharp Brothers sharpen many other tools including garden equipment, scissors, wire cutters, sewing shears, lawnmowers and salon scissors. Tired of dull knives or tools? Contact the Sharp Brothers today.

Indeed, The Sharp Brothers act as “Knife Whisperers” as they are often asked to mediate the dissonance between knives and their owners. The knives talk to the Sharp Brothers during sharpening. The sharpeners then translate the information to owners with the collective goal of improved care and appreciation for their knives.

Victoria's Fashion Stables & Pony Rides

Pony rides and a petting zoo for the kids! Ponies are saddled for rides at the side of the market. The petting zoo gives the kids an opportunity to see and pet their favorite barnyard animals.

Pony Rides & Petting Zoo are at the Farmers' Market every Saturday, from 10:30-2:00.

*attendance contingent upon dry weather.