El Huarache Loco Mexican Restaurant
8am - 8pm Sunday-Thursday
8am - 9pm Friday & Saturday
1803 Larkspur Landing Circle
(415) 925-1403
Veronica Salazar
El Huarache Loco specializes in authentic Mexican Food. Founded in 2005 by Veronica Salazar, Veronica longed for the tastes of her childhood home, Mexico City. She believes that food is the most basic desire of everyone: to feel full, satisfied and happy is not only something necessary but something that, when done correctly, can bring home to wherever one finds oneself. When she found her love for Mexican cooking was bringing 20-40 people to her house each weekend, she realized it was time to transform her passion into a business. Huarache, by the way, is a popular Mexican dish made with flattened rounds of masa dough filled with delicious toppings. Veronica named her business El Huarache Loco because your tongue will do somersaults from the moment you take your first bite.