Belcampo Meat Co.
9am - 8pm Daily
2405 Larkspur Landing Circle
(415) 448-5810
Neil Robinson
Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week.

We are a farm, a processing plant and a butcher shop. We manage the entire production chain to bring you delicious, safe, healthy, organic and humane meat.

All Belcampo animals are raised on our farm at the base of Mt. Shasta, where we grow our pastures and cultivate our fields the old fashioned way with rotational grazing and an integrated and holistic approach to pasture management. Our farm is certified organic by CCOF and certified humane by the Animal Welfare Association. Belcampo butchery harvests all of our meats humanely in a temple grandin-designed facility just a few miles from our farm.

Belcampo is passionate out growing great tasting meat that you can feel good about buying and eating.